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I don’t know what to make of it but it’s happening more often—I’m living the “wrong” days.

I only realized this evening as I was settling down to read my daily word. I felt a little strange, like my room looked the same but different. As I opened to the daily passage, I began reading and then it hit me. I had read the same passage yesterday—Sunday! At least, I thought it was. I looked at the date, it said October 21, 2012—that was yesterday’s date! But it’s today according to the calendar. Then I thought about the article I wrote yesterday, which was Sunday. I’m so serious.

It was my last article below this one, “A Not So Excellent Adventure”. I thought I was writing the post on a Sunday! Read through it. I washed clothes…a Sunday chore. But apparently I WAS in a dream yesterday which was Saturday, that I thought was Sunday—and I lived it like any other.

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