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3/8: I dreamed last night. I was talking with a group of people about spaceships and aliens and preparation. It was dark and we were in a big building where we all were sheltered. I think it was a school; there were all types of people there, including teachers, kids, police. It was night time though. Suddenly there was a great shift and the earth started shaking. A huge, I mean HUGE ship came down just above the buildings and trees. There was a magnetic force so strong pulling at many of us. We all ran out side. There were people (clones) coming out of nowhere. I heard people calling my name but were looking at another ME. Then out of nowhere people were being shot! Which ever one was the “evil” version of self was being destroyed. There was regular police and then a different kind. They wore blue uniforms, very tall and portly they stood. People didn’t understand and started to panic and run about screaming. The lights coming out of the sky were blue, fires began to break out. The shaking lasted all night. Suddenly it stopped and the huge ship was gone. People were gone. It was daylight and there was vivid green grass everywhere. I heard a man laughing. I woke up.

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