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I went into a light chamber last night. I was singing the pain away, and calling Jesus between breaths. I FELT the song I sang in every fiber of my being. It was my song-the more I let go the greater I sang!

It felt like my soul was being sucked with every note I belted out. The depths of my soul was being cleansed. There was a bed there, but I couldn’t lie down, I was too caught up in my spirit.

When you finally sing your own song, you’ll understand-the only way TO survive is in the spirit. You’ll be yourself-in a different light-of your truth.

I don’t know who you call on, but I call on Jesus. And he comes every time.

God is light. God is love.

Love and light to you!

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One of my dreams last night, I was at a place with some other people as students. We sat high above something of a big space. It was beautiful and some parts one could see their reflection. We were informed that it echoes what we speak. We were told to be mindful of our intentions before were spoke into the echo space, because what we put out would come back. Including our thoughts.

But also, I saw some events from my past in that same space. I forgave all of those people for mocking me, stealing from me, and abusing me, and I forgave myself for being ignorant. We prepared to leave, and some of the people ran to the echo space and said things that would serve only themselves. I used it also but we’ll keep that private. :0)

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I dreamed that I was at the church I went to as a youth. My adopted father was there (who is deceased but I talk to during pivotal moments in my life). It had been announced that Jesus Christ was coming. The church was packed, and there were deacons there clearing the halls saying, “Jesus Christ is Coming!” I was standing at the back seats where I always sat. I was so glad because this meant that all of us who sat at the back of the church would be the first ones to see him coming. I was thinking that he would see me or I would touch his robe. A woman who stood behind me (which would’ve been in front of me originally) tried to distract me about my clothing (a dress with red and blue flowers). She gave me a read tie and I ran off to put it on, but halfway to the bathroom, I realized I would miss Jesus, so I dropped the tie and ran back. She was not happy. The hall lights were turned out. I thought it didn’t matter, we would know him by his light. People were clapping so loud and singing….and we were waiting…I woke up.

*In writing this dream, I see several areas that can easily match biblical  scripture. Yet, I also see so personal growth.

We easily become distracted by things that people in the world say is best for us. Do I believe this to be a prophecy dream? It doesn’t matter.

What I DO believe is that we should keep our “houses” in order, and not be distracted, to be able to experience the Light for ourselves. The council of Heaven has never led me astray. Not once.

I had a guide to prepare me for Hurricane Sandy (though I didn’t know that’s what was coming at those times). When the storm was over, my house was not touch even though it sits at the water. All others around me flooded out or worse. Sometimes I just stare at the water in silence, causing myself a headache trying to expand my mind to comprehend God.

But I know what I do know because the heavens councils know I desire to go to where God is. Of course, I must focus on NOW, HERE, in order to that. I’m in love with God. People still ask or look at my house and don’t get it. That’s God loving me too!

That’s how it’s been my whole life. Except I’ve been intently listening since 12/25/11; now I have journals and typed papers of “dreams” and experiences. And I’m so grateful to be a traveler.


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I “dreamed” last night.
The ancients (ascended ones) are to “awaken” and bring spiritual enlightenment to peoples. Light. How to prepare by clearing our “houses” or “temples”.
Our bodies are being prepared for light. The pain comes from lack of clearing, lower self habits, and attachments and/or anatomical change. 
Change is according to God’s will. All things must come in accord.
(Disclaimer: Provided you’re aware of what I’m speaking. Otherwise see a doctor.)
Folks need to be mindful praising idols and aliens. Ask God to show you through Christ. Folks too busy arguing over names, dates, color, land, sexuality, life…
There’s no battle for truth knowledge. Do the work with Self(clearing) and it’s yours. Be self-disciplined. Devils aren’t afraid that they’ll fail. They’re fearful that you will succeed! Light always wins. Light

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Bless the word,

Friends, you’ve all managed to overcome adversities of sorts and STILL your willingness and eagerness to undertake new projects and relationships is approached with a pristine newness of desire to create—-every time.

Bravo! May I suggest, if you re-member, the old way of doing things—when you each come into those “new” feelings, to HOLD that higher vibration throughout your projection.

When you sign your name to a piece of paper, let it BE to serve your highest purpose.

When you enter a new relationship of any sort, let it BE to serve your highest purpose.

When you’re sitting in thought, tune into your heart’s desire and let your SPIRIT be raised and plug into those the higher vibrations/frequencies. Hold those vibrations THROUGHOUT in order to experience your desire—your CREATION.

When I was cold in my house a few nights ago, all I desired was HEAT! We don’t have utilities as a result of hurricane Sandy—yes I was worried, then sad, then angry. I saw it for what it was OUTSIDE of myself, in the world. Now, after some days, I had calmed down and was ready to deal within myself. That’s all I meditated on and then at some point it happened—from over my head it began to warm me inside and out. I felt tremendous warmth, I didn’t look around to see where it came from, I KNEW it was ME. I could FEEL and that’s all I desired—to feel warm. I didn’t have to work hard and sweat and roll over…I simply desired what I want, I can even call it meditation with conviction—that would serve my highest BEing at that moment…and CREATED it.

I was eager share the story of what I had done right away, but God wasn’t finished working on me—purposefully. I had no choice but to “be still” in the almighty’s will. You know when something exciting happens to you and you want run off and tell everybody, but you have to first sit through the details? It was like that! Don’t unplug too soon, you’ll leave gas spewing everywhere, and you’ll find yourself stalled partway up the road! Be still and follow through.

God explained something to me on the edge of my thought when I realized what *I* had done.

 “Instant gratification is fine. Use it to serve your highest being, as this heat you desired. Your thoughts, your words, your actions create your NOW. When what you create no longer serves your highest Self, bless it and let it go.”

Sometimes we’re blessed with purposeful GIFTS from God. In other words, when we’re blessed within the glory of God, it is an opportunity to CREATE whatever we want…that would serve to our highest purpose. Can I say we’re given blank checks? Yes. Everyone gets blank checks because EVERYONE is entitled to blessings. It’s what you do with the check that counts. If you don’t believe you are blessed, then that is what you create—lack. You keep throwing away checks.  If you believe another person /animal is not entitled to be blessed, then you take away from yourself. You keep writing checks for everyone else. Giving to yourself is to give to another. Fill in your check and cash it! Don’t wait around for someone to “hand you blessings”—CREATE your blessings—CASH in your checks! Tell God what you want; your heart is the telephone—think about what you want, say it, claim it, believe it, desire it—and CREATE it. And don’t hang up until you do! Praise God!

KNOW that you are blessed. KNOW that you are not without God. God is within you. BELIEVE in you and KNOW that if what you desire brings forth your holy spirit, it should bring forth the holy spirit in others, and God’s glory will be all over the place! Believe it! POWER IS MENT FOR THE PEOPLE! Bless

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I’m actually a bit shaken right now. I’m going to go over my weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday involved some intense dreams. I want to try to keep it simple, if I can.

Friday, in the afternoon, I dreamed that someone, a female was preparing me to go to the other side. I read a passage about a woman who overcame the woes of the world through responsibility/balance. I felt proud of her when I finished reading.

The guide than asked me if I was ready. I said yes. I had gotten rid of my worldly possessions, and was headed toward these doors when I said, “Maybe I should say goodbye to my children one last time.” I woke up.

When I woke up, I wept. I wept because I took it as a message to get my affairs in order (under the notion that I would die at any moment). I looked out my bedroom window and it was a sight!

There was a grid(the clouds that look like ripples, or a rib cage) over my house and extended not too far off in the distance. The sun was visible and so bright but what struck me was that there was green, purple, pink, yellowish edges of the clouds closest to the sun.

I wept for a little while feeling like God was there watching me purposely and sending me a message. I went outside and sat in the grass and just looked up for a while and talked to God in bits and pieces. Sometimes his glory is so great I don’t know what to say, or even if what I say makes sense! I felt like nothing yet everything.

I looked through bible passages about getting my affairs in order; I came across I Peter. I read the whole message….I ate it. I got it. Instead of worrying about dying, start living as I should….in other words—- Get off the fence.

Saturday, in the afternoon, I became drowsy and had to lie down. I had to wake up 5 times to come out of my sleep! Where I was, the demographics of my neighborhood had changed, the beach was now viewable from my window. It currently is not (it’s a football field away). I can see the bay though. A women familiar to me came in the window and I asked her why the beach had an island in the middle (it was the bluest water and whitest sand I ever seen!) …but she left without me noticing—apparently I was talking to myself for a little while.

I could have sworn I was awake! I washed clothes, and even snapped at my boys for playing video games so long. When I was actually awake, they said that I did actually yell at them from my room but that they had only just started playing when I did. I even checked on them at one point, but one room was empty. They were in another room (I called out their names) which is where I found them when I did actually wakeup, I had “retraced” my steps from my dream. I kept finding myself on my back in bed.

Everything inside my house was the same but nothing outside was. In one of the levels of the dream I realized that I was sleeping and attempted to wake up but my body was frozen. I told myself to wakeup and I did but I was still dreaming because I couldn’t read the words on my laptop screen which was now on the floor but was on my bed when I fell first fell asleep. That was a lot of work, thinking I was awake and going about daily living only to find myself seeing something that confirmed that I was still asleep. I usually get one dream inside another…. but FIVE?! It actually sucked, and all the energy I sucked up from my foggy morning walk was smashed.

Saturday in the night, I had many dreams but this last one kept pulling me back. There was a man at a desk in a small office. I went to see him about something (I don’t know). He was on the phone. There on his desk I saw papers with my name on them; it was drawings and writings from when I was younger. I remembered them but I wondered why HE had them. I took them and left.

I woke up. But it seemed I was being pulled back. I ended up at his door again, and he was not happy. He wanted something. This is where it got cloudy (between sleep and awake state, I think). He took something of mine and slammed his door. I thought about kicking it down, but I couldn’t move. I was in my bed.

I realized something was very wrong. My teeth began to snarl and felt like they were growing to fangs. I felt weird in my throat to scream. I saw something over my head but not what it was. I started calling out to Jesus, I felt this thing trying to cover my face in darkness. I started singing Jesus’s name and said the Lord’s Prayer. Everything went back to normal in my room, and I woke up. But I wasn’t asleep. I know it.

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I awoke from a few dreams I had throughout the night. Seems as if I’m being put through different timelines. Since I’m aware when I’m dreaming, I kind of go with some, others I want no parts of. Some dreams involve my family, which are mainly my children.

As a youth, I dreamed of my mother coming to me as a grim reaper a few times (I really did not know her well since she put my siblings and I in foster care at very young ages). She is now in a nursing home at a young 50ish, after having a brain-stroke. She lived a hard life on the streets. After finding her, I see after her now, because I love her—I never didn’t. I just didn’t know where she was all these years. She’s healing physically, but I’m not so sure mentally and emotionally; she seems drenched in guilt. (I’m an Empath, and sometimes it’s hard to be around her because of her emotions). She refuses to give it up. Apparently, no matter what I say, she thinks she doesn’t deserve forgiveness. I advised her to simply ask God, then herself….but she keeps asking ME. I keep saying, “I forgive you.”

I often struggled through my youth growing up in different homes, moving often (because the family didn’t want me anymore, I was too weird) I always maintained my schooling for myself since my education seemed to be the only thing I had control over. I kept my ownself in check with my grades; I was considered “very bright” in school. I got bored after just two degrees, because life had really taught me more than any educational institution did or has—I can’t afford a Master’s Degree anyway, my loans are at 30 grand from the lesser ones.

Anyway, I’ve dreamed of Jesus, Mary, the man in the white suit, the lady in the blue dress, and the Pleiadians as well—and a few bad beings. God talks to me often, I’ve definitely began to listen in 2012. Christ came to me in Jan 2012 (while I was on a date! yeah, I know, he did say like a theft in the night!) The dream I’m going to tell you about is short so I’m saving it for further down this post.

Recently I viewed myself in a sort of chamber surrounded by flowers and there were voices repeatedly saying, “Mona wake up!” I heard this music playing but I can’t remember it. I also recently dreamed that I was able to say goodbye to a couple of good friends, and then being dressed in white robes, by a man.

I’ve received instructions on how to BE in these days which come as biblical phrases (see http://www.hearmytruths.wordpress.com) guided into teachings. Also some dreams involve how to stay calm during chaos by using simulated situations, like standing still in raging water until not a ripple can be seen.

I also dreamed that I was told that I am Pleiadian, but I denied such in wake state; then I had another recent dream in which I was told donot deny my heritage, that I am Pleiadian. I thought ok but what’s a earth HUman really to do with that information in a place where saying your from up north, down south, or from Russia is cool. But, “I’m from Pleaides!” Huh?!!! I have yet to say it verbally, I end up stuttering something about down south, but that doesn’t even feel right inside. What do you do OPENLY in truth in a world where mostly everyone is still in illusion?

I often read instruction and stories (after my deciphering symbols and order) in my dreams but I forget most of them upon waking (It used to be in huge white rooms with others dressed in white then onto simulations). I discovered that using an alarm clock causes trauma to my insides. I only started in September to use one since I have wake up at 5 to get everyone out on time. My body used to just wake up on time until then. One more control mechanism on our souls to not remember ourselves…alarm clocks. Hmmp….that just came to me. Something to think about further.

So, l dreamed this morning, that I was sitting playing with my daughter and her toys, and suddenly the whole room begin to turn forward. I was calm because knew the earth was moving on her axis (we had been told this would happen just not when) so I stood up and reached for my daughter, everything stopped. The earth had not turned completely over. Yet. I woke up. Last week I dreamed that I was in a building and a very shaky earthquake began. I calmly stood to leave for safety. I woke up.

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This morning I dreamed that I was a new supervisor at a company where only women worked. I was being shown around the office which was tight-spaced and very busy. Everyone seemed to be doing things other than their assigned tasks. One of the employees said to me, “There are always disagreements and fights between the women here, but you should understand that that’s naturally expected.” I responded that I did not understand that, and attempted to offer a solution, which seemed to fall on deaf ears.

We came upon a desk where there was no one sitting, but it was cluttered with what looked like old wooden jewelry boxes, about medium sized. They were lined up along the edges. The women explained that the employee that sat at that desk was out on leave because she became stressed after fighting with another employee. I asked her why they were fighting so much but she did not answer. Instead she pulled a draw open on one of the wooden boxes and in there was full of white pills. I lifted a top open on another box and it also was full of pills. I looked up and looked around at the whole office and noticed that everyone seemed to be drugged. As I was asking why everyone was like that, someone walked up to me and my dreamed shifted into another one.

The dreamed that followed showed me a few of the women that I had worked with at a company up until September of this year. I was a temp there; the women on one floor always said what a great worker I was while the women on the higher floor would criticize me “behind my back in front of my face”( as if I was clueless) without reason. Very few men worked in that office by the way. Anyway back to the dream. So as I said, the dream shifted from the office, and into a park area (which I happen to pass almost every week day). I was lying in a bed observing (I thought that amazingly strange), and there was some of the women I had worked with at that company. I saw that they were just standing there at a distance, doing nothing. Then two women walked toward them from the right entrance of the park (which is usually my exit in wake state). I recognized one of the women as a “higher up” employee of the company I no longer worked at; she is also a pastor of a small church, with less than 50 followers. She had invited me a few times, giving me the written information that included her home number; I knew of four of the employees that attend the Sunday services.

The woman with her I did not know but she sat on a bench and the group of women walked up to her and started touching her. She began to moan and move in fluid movement as if she was under a spell. I’m not sure if *I* said it or thought it but I heard, “That is not the Holy Spirit in her.” I observed for a little while longer as the women continued to touch and rub on her body, then the woman got up off the bench and came to the end of my bed still twisting about but now more like a snake. She eased up in my bed on to my body and I was just lying there now looking attentively at her as the women surrounded my bed while the “higher up” woman just looked on. This time I heard in my head, “That is not the Holy Spirit!”

I seemed to be frozen in place as this woman contorted her body in all kinds of positions. I felt the hard pressure of her movements on my body. I kept watching her. Then I felt something in me swell and I felt my eyes roll, but I still was unable to move. I heard, “This is the Holy Spirit.”, and I began to vibrate. The women started disappearing from my view, but I also could feel that they were leaving out of the park through the left exit (which is usually my entrance in wake state). The pressure was gone from me and the “higher up” woman just stood there looking at me. Then I could “feel” her thought; that she was “testing me to see if I was the real thing.” I woke up.

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