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That’s deep. I just woke up from a “dream”. I spoke with an indian looking doctor in my dream. He was wearing white. He gave a little girl wearing a vivid red dress a piece of red candy that looked like a medicine pill. She seemed content and skipped off. I also ate a piece, it had liquid in it. He said they’re trying different things to make people better. I THINK he ate a piece. The sun was different, it caused a blindness if people didn’t have the right eye drops. He told me that if I took the wrong drops, I’d become ill, and my children would also become sickened. There was a white lady who owned a blue website that apparently had some Q and A on the different matters. She was familiar to me but I woke up before I could get her name. Shucks!

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I dreamed that I was at the church I went to as a youth. My adopted father was there (who is deceased but I talk to during pivotal moments in my life). It had been announced that Jesus Christ was coming. The church was packed, and there were deacons there clearing the halls saying, “Jesus Christ is Coming!” I was standing at the back seats where I always sat. I was so glad because this meant that all of us who sat at the back of the church would be the first ones to see him coming. I was thinking that he would see me or I would touch his robe. A woman who stood behind me (which would’ve been in front of me originally) tried to distract me about my clothing (a dress with red and blue flowers). She gave me a read tie and I ran off to put it on, but halfway to the bathroom, I realized I would miss Jesus, so I dropped the tie and ran back. She was not happy. The hall lights were turned out. I thought it didn’t matter, we would know him by his light. People were clapping so loud and singing….and we were waiting…I woke up.

*In writing this dream, I see several areas that can easily match biblical  scripture. Yet, I also see so personal growth.

We easily become distracted by things that people in the world say is best for us. Do I believe this to be a prophecy dream? It doesn’t matter.

What I DO believe is that we should keep our “houses” in order, and not be distracted, to be able to experience the Light for ourselves. The council of Heaven has never led me astray. Not once.

I had a guide to prepare me for Hurricane Sandy (though I didn’t know that’s what was coming at those times). When the storm was over, my house was not touch even though it sits at the water. All others around me flooded out or worse. Sometimes I just stare at the water in silence, causing myself a headache trying to expand my mind to comprehend God.

But I know what I do know because the heavens councils know I desire to go to where God is. Of course, I must focus on NOW, HERE, in order to that. I’m in love with God. People still ask or look at my house and don’t get it. That’s God loving me too!

That’s how it’s been my whole life. Except I’ve been intently listening since 12/25/11; now I have journals and typed papers of “dreams” and experiences. And I’m so grateful to be a traveler.


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I dreamed we were looking down at the sun through a window. It was just a few people (compared to other times, where its a huge room full, or just me). The man in white with the white hair was explaining the “fire dragons” jumping up and down on it. It seemed to be a trip of some sort.

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I “dreamed” last night.
The ancients (ascended ones) are to “awaken” and bring spiritual enlightenment to peoples. Light. How to prepare by clearing our “houses” or “temples”.
Our bodies are being prepared for light. The pain comes from lack of clearing, lower self habits, and attachments and/or anatomical change. 
Change is according to God’s will. All things must come in accord.
(Disclaimer: Provided you’re aware of what I’m speaking. Otherwise see a doctor.)
Folks need to be mindful praising idols and aliens. Ask God to show you through Christ. Folks too busy arguing over names, dates, color, land, sexuality, life…
There’s no battle for truth knowledge. Do the work with Self(clearing) and it’s yours. Be self-disciplined. Devils aren’t afraid that they’ll fail. They’re fearful that you will succeed! Light always wins. Light

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I awoke from a few dreams I had throughout the night. Seems as if I’m being put through different timelines. Since I’m aware when I’m dreaming, I kind of go with some, others I want no parts of. Some dreams involve my family, which are mainly my children.

As a youth, I dreamed of my mother coming to me as a grim reaper a few times (I really did not know her well since she put my siblings and I in foster care at very young ages). She is now in a nursing home at a young 50ish, after having a brain-stroke. She lived a hard life on the streets. After finding her, I see after her now, because I love her—I never didn’t. I just didn’t know where she was all these years. She’s healing physically, but I’m not so sure mentally and emotionally; she seems drenched in guilt. (I’m an Empath, and sometimes it’s hard to be around her because of her emotions). She refuses to give it up. Apparently, no matter what I say, she thinks she doesn’t deserve forgiveness. I advised her to simply ask God, then herself….but she keeps asking ME. I keep saying, “I forgive you.”

I often struggled through my youth growing up in different homes, moving often (because the family didn’t want me anymore, I was too weird) I always maintained my schooling for myself since my education seemed to be the only thing I had control over. I kept my ownself in check with my grades; I was considered “very bright” in school. I got bored after just two degrees, because life had really taught me more than any educational institution did or has—I can’t afford a Master’s Degree anyway, my loans are at 30 grand from the lesser ones.

Anyway, I’ve dreamed of Jesus, Mary, the man in the white suit, the lady in the blue dress, and the Pleiadians as well—and a few bad beings. God talks to me often, I’ve definitely began to listen in 2012. Christ came to me in Jan 2012 (while I was on a date! yeah, I know, he did say like a theft in the night!) The dream I’m going to tell you about is short so I’m saving it for further down this post.

Recently I viewed myself in a sort of chamber surrounded by flowers and there were voices repeatedly saying, “Mona wake up!” I heard this music playing but I can’t remember it. I also recently dreamed that I was able to say goodbye to a couple of good friends, and then being dressed in white robes, by a man.

I’ve received instructions on how to BE in these days which come as biblical phrases (see http://www.hearmytruths.wordpress.com) guided into teachings. Also some dreams involve how to stay calm during chaos by using simulated situations, like standing still in raging water until not a ripple can be seen.

I also dreamed that I was told that I am Pleiadian, but I denied such in wake state; then I had another recent dream in which I was told donot deny my heritage, that I am Pleiadian. I thought ok but what’s a earth HUman really to do with that information in a place where saying your from up north, down south, or from Russia is cool. But, “I’m from Pleaides!” Huh?!!! I have yet to say it verbally, I end up stuttering something about down south, but that doesn’t even feel right inside. What do you do OPENLY in truth in a world where mostly everyone is still in illusion?

I often read instruction and stories (after my deciphering symbols and order) in my dreams but I forget most of them upon waking (It used to be in huge white rooms with others dressed in white then onto simulations). I discovered that using an alarm clock causes trauma to my insides. I only started in September to use one since I have wake up at 5 to get everyone out on time. My body used to just wake up on time until then. One more control mechanism on our souls to not remember ourselves…alarm clocks. Hmmp….that just came to me. Something to think about further.

So, l dreamed this morning, that I was sitting playing with my daughter and her toys, and suddenly the whole room begin to turn forward. I was calm because knew the earth was moving on her axis (we had been told this would happen just not when) so I stood up and reached for my daughter, everything stopped. The earth had not turned completely over. Yet. I woke up. Last week I dreamed that I was in a building and a very shaky earthquake began. I calmly stood to leave for safety. I woke up.

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Last night I dreamed that people who knew how to levitate, float, or fly were “called” to one central place (most of us just were able to I don’t know how but I felt a “pull”). There were all kinds of people, young and old of different races. We all were to enter this huge dark-colored ship, and many people did. I stood at the edge of it and my whole body began to charge with electromagnetic power. I broke away and as I was going for the entrance I heard screaming from inside and people began to half run half float out. I tried to see inside but it was dark within the entrance. I heard a voice say, “Don’t go in there.”

I turned around and began to half run half float off the thing. Suddenly police officers and soldiers came out of nowhere and began threatening the people and forcing them into the ship. There was chaos around the ship suddenly. I was trying to act “normal” and not float but the magnetic pull in the atmosphere was strong. So I ducked through the crowd and headed back into the neighborhood which already was in some ruin. I ran into people who were not floaters or flyers, or so it appeared. I asked a man for shoes because I wasnt wearing any; we had given up everything we owned, including our families when we were “called”.

The man gave me shoes and told me to stay calm and only walk. We walked slowly pass all the chaos of people being forced to go into the ship; they were screaming and begging. I noticed the enforcement men did not bother people who walked. We came into the ghetto and there I saw few people walking about in a daze. The man explained that they were not bothered and I responded, “Because they are on drugs.” He shook his head in agreement, “They’re taking their chances and staying.” Then I decided that I would stay behind too.

I saw that people were wearing shoulder length coverings in different colors with different symbols on them. I didn’t have time to decipher them because in dreams, it takes time to see words, numbers, and symbols in order. The man gave me one but not like his, it looked like a woman’s that had begin to follow us. I told her to keep up. I found out that the coverings had the ability to keep us from levitating or flying off. We came upon ruins of buildings. Suddenly I saw a Crystal city in the horizon! It looked like it was floating. We were just looking in awe and people were pointing, so we all decided that’s were we would go to. I woke up.

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I dreamed that I was traveling with my son. We were at a hotel headed up to our room; it appeared to be that we were on vacation somewhere interesting. There were all kinds of beings moving around; besides the usual human type. We never actually made it to the room because the elevator is where we spent most of our time! Ugh!

We were the center of attention, because it seemed that everyone was eager and wanted us to get on the elevator with them, but some of the beings looked so weird that I didn’t want to ride with them, and others just seem to give out bad vibes! We had decided to ride with some of the beings that we thought looked normal (human) but then when the doors closed they would suddenly become rude or act idiotic or even start to “bully” us! Then we would end back up at the lobby elevator again! Other “humans” seemed so sad, and kept waiting for us to choose the RIGHT ride to get on—as if their happiness depended on us being right…hmmm (I don’t know how I knew that but that’s what it FELT like in my mind.)

“If we don’t learn from our history, we’re bound to repeat it until we do learn.”

After getting off ANOTHER “crazy” ride, Jay and I stood in front of the elevators for what seemed a long time for fear that we’d end up back where we started. Finally we had decided to take another chance and ride with “normal-looking humans”—again—but as we went up pass the floors they began to act with erratic behaviors, what one would call CRAZY! Suddenly the whole elevator car lifted up and out of the building and then just crashed back down to the earth! The other passengers were gone, so Jay and I were the only ones who exited the elevator, unharmed but I was very puzzled.

All the beings were standing around looking at us. There in the crowd were the sad humans—and this time they were crying. I woke up.

Perhaps there is, for all of us, a lesson to be learned here—or many lessons. You decide.

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