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I’m actually a bit shaken right now. I’m going to go over my weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday involved some intense dreams. I want to try to keep it simple, if I can.

Friday, in the afternoon, I dreamed that someone, a female was preparing me to go to the other side. I read a passage about a woman who overcame the woes of the world through responsibility/balance. I felt proud of her when I finished reading.

The guide than asked me if I was ready. I said yes. I had gotten rid of my worldly possessions, and was headed toward these doors when I said, “Maybe I should say goodbye to my children one last time.” I woke up.

When I woke up, I wept. I wept because I took it as a message to get my affairs in order (under the notion that I would die at any moment). I looked out my bedroom window and it was a sight!

There was a grid(the clouds that look like ripples, or a rib cage) over my house and extended not too far off in the distance. The sun was visible and so bright but what struck me was that there was green, purple, pink, yellowish edges of the clouds closest to the sun.

I wept for a little while feeling like God was there watching me purposely and sending me a message. I went outside and sat in the grass and just looked up for a while and talked to God in bits and pieces. Sometimes his glory is so great I don’t know what to say, or even if what I say makes sense! I felt like nothing yet everything.

I looked through bible passages about getting my affairs in order; I came across I Peter. I read the whole message….I ate it. I got it. Instead of worrying about dying, start living as I should….in other words—- Get off the fence.

Saturday, in the afternoon, I became drowsy and had to lie down. I had to wake up 5 times to come out of my sleep! Where I was, the demographics of my neighborhood had changed, the beach was now viewable from my window. It currently is not (it’s a football field away). I can see the bay though. A women familiar to me came in the window and I asked her why the beach had an island in the middle (it was the bluest water and whitest sand I ever seen!) …but she left without me noticing—apparently I was talking to myself for a little while.

I could have sworn I was awake! I washed clothes, and even snapped at my boys for playing video games so long. When I was actually awake, they said that I did actually yell at them from my room but that they had only just started playing when I did. I even checked on them at one point, but one room was empty. They were in another room (I called out their names) which is where I found them when I did actually wakeup, I had “retraced” my steps from my dream. I kept finding myself on my back in bed.

Everything inside my house was the same but nothing outside was. In one of the levels of the dream I realized that I was sleeping and attempted to wake up but my body was frozen. I told myself to wakeup and I did but I was still dreaming because I couldn’t read the words on my laptop screen which was now on the floor but was on my bed when I fell first fell asleep. That was a lot of work, thinking I was awake and going about daily living only to find myself seeing something that confirmed that I was still asleep. I usually get one dream inside another…. but FIVE?! It actually sucked, and all the energy I sucked up from my foggy morning walk was smashed.

Saturday in the night, I had many dreams but this last one kept pulling me back. There was a man at a desk in a small office. I went to see him about something (I don’t know). He was on the phone. There on his desk I saw papers with my name on them; it was drawings and writings from when I was younger. I remembered them but I wondered why HE had them. I took them and left.

I woke up. But it seemed I was being pulled back. I ended up at his door again, and he was not happy. He wanted something. This is where it got cloudy (between sleep and awake state, I think). He took something of mine and slammed his door. I thought about kicking it down, but I couldn’t move. I was in my bed.

I realized something was very wrong. My teeth began to snarl and felt like they were growing to fangs. I felt weird in my throat to scream. I saw something over my head but not what it was. I started calling out to Jesus, I felt this thing trying to cover my face in darkness. I started singing Jesus’s name and said the Lord’s Prayer. Everything went back to normal in my room, and I woke up. But I wasn’t asleep. I know it.

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